Linda Spencer (13 Jan 2011)
"God's Voice vs. Human Element"

This is a response to an email I received.
Hello My Dear Friend, I got up this morning and my husband and I took another look at the video's by Bro. Sandy.  I truly feel like you do on this and was also lacking understanding as to why we feel the way we do and others are feeling so differently.  In viewing the videos, I wrote down quotes where he openly confessed where he was wrong:

Nowhere in this original message does it say anything about 2010...a result of Human Element


 The Original Message:

There are 14 years left 7 for the church and 7 for my people Israel . That was 2003.

I am going to take my church out of the world. I want you to preach this; you will be ridiculed. It will be hard.

But I will show you in the scriptures so no one can refute it.


Not until 2009 is 2010 ever mentioned


In July of 2009 he said in 2010 the whole world is going to turn upside down.
There will be disaster after disaster and it will not stop all the way up to the rapture.

My friend, I don't know anything else he could have done but openly express to those that were so disappointed, how sorry he was that they experienced disappointment and pain from this.  This is what I believe others are holding on to and can't let go of, because to them, he did not address the world that was watching theses videos and studying along with him.  His repentive heart, discussing the hurts and pains of others with tears and heartache, were all handled within the confines of the church he leads and not with those around the world who loved and supported him til the end of 2010.  In my sadness of all the hurtful things that are being poured out on him, I do understand the feeling of loss or abandonment others may feel at this time.  Everything above looks like he experienced true repentance but I believe there is a factor left to be reconciled.  In reading this I pray this will soon take place and forgiveness will follow, understanding that some will never be moved in heart, mind or soul and the stone will never fall from their hand.
I do not for one second believe Sandy, is manipulative, set out to hurt anyone, is arrogant, prideful, a false prophet or playing the victim.  There are just things outside of our human reasoning that we will NEVER understand.  I believe the Lord did speak to him because he has spoken to me with evidence to boot and I would be just as adamant about it's delivery as Bro. Sandy was.  But I truly believe human reckoning contributed to the source of contention.  I know that God will work all things for our good.  And what we don't understand, this too, God will make clear to us and that just may be...when we all get to heaven and what a wonderful day that will be! 
I am continuing to pray for our brother, that the Lord will continue His work in and through him.  It is not his teaching of the Word that is in question here and beyond the debate as to whether we should strive to change our ways once we give our lives to Christ or on the contrier continue to live sinful lives with no visible change, no one can counter an offensive.  Bro. Sandy loves the Word, the body of Christ and has a genuine love for mankind and I truly believe he wants to save as many souls as he can by bringing them to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This, cannot be refuted.  His whole message is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
There are many who have turned there backs on him and there is nothing anyone can do about that but pray that they stay ready at all times because we are about to see grave and dangerous changes come before us as they have increased exponentially since 2010.  This appears to be true and we are all witnesses, according to the message God gave Bro. Sandy in 2009 regarding 2010, and is...HAPPENING NOW!
Quote from a Friend of mine many years ago:
Stay ready to keep from having to get ready!
Praise Jesus!Blessed Be His Name
Love, Linda