Leslie Fain (13 Jan 2011)
"Re: Glenn Beck"

To all the Doves
One saying among my people that I have learned to respect is “Never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their moccasins” We never know what motivates a person to do what they do but God does! One of the rules Jesus gave us is “KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS.” We are to individually look at each person not at what organization or institution or the church they are in. I know personally Catholics who made it to heaven! This is how the witch hunts and other human slaughters began! Many innocent people were killed. Not looking at the INDIVIDUAL and seeing their fruit as Jesus told us. We become as the scribes and Pharisees that Jesus so spoke against. When we don’t look at the individual. We classify everyone into that group or this group or there is this rule and there is that rule. Thank God Jesus did not follow man’s rules!

Look at Native Americans we are all put into the group of drunken Indians, witch doctors and the like. A prophet among our people was told to go to Plymouth Rock and confront the descendant’s of the minister on the mayflower. God gave him his ticket and when standing by the rock a woman came and started telling him that she was a descendant of the minister of the mayflower and he told her he had been sent to rebuke her ancestors because they did not show who Jesus was to the Natives. As a born again Christian and there are many others among my people I have seen the damage done to my people. They know who our Creator is but reject Jesus because of what the past generations of Christians have done or not done. I have seen my people live the life of the gospel taking in children not their own, helping each other, opening their houses to anyone and share what little they have to those less fortunate and it is the natural thing to do. How many of you do that? I have seen the Lord on His White Horse honoring one of our water ceremonies. I thank God that He sees our hearts BUT we are called to do the same! To see each person He created as an individual and look at his or her fruit. My people honor the earth and Gods creatures because He made them and HE loves them; a sparrow falls to the ground and God knows it! But we are called pagans who worship creation and not the Creator but that is not what is happening if you came to know what we really believe, you would understand but because of the modern day Scribes and Pharisees people listen to them instead of finding out the truth for themselves. My dad taught me to never believe anything told to me unless I knew it for truth myself and I have always followed that rule to my best ability. I am not saying that all my people are the same but just like white people we have our charlatans, false prophets, fanatical’s and those who walk down dark paths. What would Jesus do is what we need to look at, not what institutions or man tells us! I am not perfect in my walk and neither are any of you but we are called to be the light of the world we are called to stand for truth and righteousness and we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves.

As far as Glenn Beck is concerned Katherine Colman was asked one time about why she was called and not a man and she replied because no man took up the mantle that God wanted to give. God uses anyone willing to get His messages out and sorry to say many Christians fail to take up the mantles that God wants to bestow. As far as I can see Glen Beck has stirred up people to look at where our country is headed and where it will be if nothing is done and as far as I can see that’s a good fruit! Just as Jesus said when He rode into Jerusalem when asked about what the people were saying, He said the very stones would have spoken up if the people had not spoken up. God is looking for people to stand and speak up but how many are willing?

Another saying that is worth mentioning ”YOU CANNOT READ A BOOK BY ITS COVER” Until you READ it you cannot know its content! So it is the same with people! Who are we to sit judgment on someone when we don’t know their hearts? Remember what Jesus said with what judgment you judge will He judge you with! So I am careful to judge the sin and not the sinner. God gave us His commandments to follow in judgment and so far Glenn Beck has not broken any commandment that I can see in trying to get Americans to stand up and take back our country.

One thing I confess I have grievance for is how my people are treated even today when so many sit broken. Where are the Christians? My people could be healed if Christians showed who Jesus really is but God will judge America for what was done in His name among all the other things that has happened when good people sit and do nothing! I am not singling anyone out my walk is not perfect either. I am just putting out what is in my heart.

Judgment is coming to America

Jesus is coming are you WORTHY TO ESCAPE THE HOUR OF TRIAL? We must examine  our  own hearts because our KING is coming and soon we will  stand in His Presence

Thank You John!
God bless all!
Leslie Fain