Leigh (24 Jan 2011)
"to ALL DOVES and John"

Somebody posted a link about Betelgeuse that is going to explode before the end of this year. . I read Isaiah 30 and Amos 8 and was amazed by what I found. When Jesus is going to heal the breach of his people then the sun will be 7x as bright as normal and the moon will be as bright as the sun.  Isaiah says on the Day of the Lord the stars in the constellation will not give its light. Isaiah 13. But the Afrikaans Bible says the lights of the Orion will not give its light. This Betelgeuse is in the constellation of Orion. Ezekiel 32 verse 8: All the bright lights I will make dark over thee. This chapter explains the fall of Egypt by the sword of Babylon.  Any ideas from somebody?  Regards. Leigh, Australia.