Leigh (12 Jan 2011)

Dear John and all beloved Doves. I live in Brisbane Australia where all these floods are. I prayed GOD to stop the rain last week Thursday and HE heard me. Also HE promised me that I will be safe.. But on Sunday the rain started all over again. Toowoomba is completely cut off, Gympie in the north and 30 suburbs have been affected by all these floods. Heaps of cars are floating away in the lower regions and thousands of people are loosing everything they have. First of all pray that these people REPENT!!!!! Many of them dont even have a Bible. Crime, drugs, immorality are but a few things that have taken over this beautiful country. Wherever you walk you hear people saying: OH MY G- -........ The time has NOW COME TO REPENT AND COMPLETE THIS CRY: OH MY GOD IM SORRY FOR ALL I HAVE DONE.  Its devastating to see all these people loosing everything. SECOND.  Please ask GOD to stop the RAIN COMPLETELY. We havent seen the sun for about 6 weeks now. Thankyou all, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!  I dont THINK, but I KNOW THAT THE RAPTURE CANNOT BE FAR AWAY.  Many times I listen to Dr Owuor. His mission is to proclaim that JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON!  I love all of u dear Doves, precious Bride of Christ. Not long anymore, look up for our redemption is drawing near !!! Love Leigh Australia.