Laurie Hane (7 Jan 2011)
"Patty Hayes"

   Thank you for the discussion we have been having.  I realize that what we see in scripture reflects where we are different places.  Since we are all a part of the family and all have not the same office, some made for honor some made of common use.....we have different purposes in this life that God has given us.  In Gods creative way he can take the Good from each of us and use it for His Glory....if we are wrong in our thinking, He is the faithful one and will turn us and direct our paths.   
      I must say however that I was in your place of thinking after I came out of Bible College.  I would like to encourage you to think further. (Heb. 6:1,2)   In some instances your are dogmatic about this scripture being inclusive and in others generalize.  I have done that also so I know of what I am speaking of unfortunately.   I see you do something that I myself am prone to do.  When I responded to something you had written me, I wrote a paragraph defining what I meant.  It is easy to get caught up in the first line or two, say, ahah...they are off theologically and miss the whole rest of the paragraph.  I found this to be true where you stated that to be a part of the bride of Christ/soul salvation I was associating it with works: which I never stated, rather I stated the reverse because works can never be associated with any type of salvation whether it be the spirit or the soul.  I am not sure if you are confusing me with others that you have defended your faith to in the past, but once again salvation comes only from the Lord and the working out of the salvation of the soul which is completed by God on an individual during this life time (Phil 1:6) is only associated with our willingness for Him to do His work in us.  The only works a Christian can start and finish are those done with an unregenerate soul- it is as filthy rags to God.(Isa 64:6)   This is man doing a work for God, the only lasting works which can make the trip to heaven and be found good, are done by the spirit through a willing individual.  Willing in that they are submitted to God and the Holy Spirit in their life and a work is done through them whether they are aware of it or not.
    It is also a scary thing to contemplate that there could be a separation within the body of Christ.  It would mean accountability in catching every thought captive (2 Cor. 10:5) John has written about this as have others on the home page for 5 doves so I wont add to it.  It is there for you to read if you so wish.  It is just that God left us an incentive, he created us, he knew we were competitive and with a tendency toward laziness.  So He left us an incentive that would initially sink it's hooks in us as we started the journey of coming to know him more through the study and understanding of his words, by the workings of the spirit in our life.  Having not a mature relationship  we wouldn't know how awesome it would be to come into an intimate relationship with the creator of the universe, the author of our salvation, the director of our lives.  So he left us the incentive of being an overcomer or an non overcomer (Rev. 2,3)  and a whole Bible to give us the understanding necessary to be an overcomer.  Here again, it is not our works that make it so, it is our understanding that allows the spirit to do a work.  If we limit the understanding, the work will also be limited.  There is power in the Word of the Lord and to receive the power into our lives, we must be faithful in the putting in of the word, whether by hearing, reading, discussing.....
   So Patty at least in some main areas we are unified.  That is good and encouraging.  Once again, thank you for the discussion....I have enjoyed visiting with you.    Your sister in Christ,      Laurie