Laurie (21 Jan 2011)
"To Kevin Heckle-- regarding the 13th sign Ophiuchus! Number 13 means rebellion (in Heaven?)"

Hi Kevin
I was interested in knowing your insight on the revealing of the 13th sign-Ophiuchus!  Do you believe God has kept it hidden from the Zodiac seekers all this time and possibly now revealing it because God is allowing those of us with eyes to see it!  With your understanding of the stars-could you in simple terms tell me what you think it means?  I understand the meaning of Ophiuchus means serpent holder ( Jesus)  who crushed the head of satan.
Do you believe that the meaning of the Mazzaroth is spiritual and at the same time will physically happen?  I understand from your writings that you believe Hydra had a mortal wound that was healed-so therefore do you believe that a man will have a mortal wound that is healed?  Can you tell me where Hydra was on the constellation chart on November 22,1963 and also where it is now? Can you by your extensive studies give an approximate date or at least season when the AC  will be revealed?  Do you believe the rapture of the true believers in Christ will happen before this revealing?
I know I have many questions, but I don't know of anyone else that I can ask!
Thank-you and Blessings!

Bless you John for the many hours you must spend posting!