Launni (25 Jan 2011)
"Prayer request for Tuesday afternoon"

I have been a long time reader and occasional poster here at Five Doves but never have a requested prayer before.

Tomorrow at 2pm PST (West Coast, America)  I will be having a follow up meeting with the HR dept where I work.  I was accused last week of creating a hostile work environment by sharing my faith too openly and making others uncomfortable.  It was a complete blindside.  I wasn't too upset about the topic because i am completely open about my beliefs and all who work with me know where I stand.  There are only 12 people in my area and I work shifts which put me in touch with them all.  Three of us are Christian with the same beliefs but different styles.  The rest range from "it's all mumbo jumbo" to more of a "so what?" attitude. What bothered me was the implication that my co-workers were upset about this.  Turns out they aren't.  They respect my beliefs and my conviction.  Not one of them had complained to anyone. They were very surprised that anyone would think anything of the sort. They sometimes lightly mock me and make fun of my warnings but it's all with a level of respect.


That said, I'm worried about a more sinister agenda since the original meeting was based on false accusations.  My superviser is gay and while we have always gotten along great,  I'm worried that this is becoming a spiritual battle not addressed in company  I understand the legal concerns the company has but the whole thing was based on a lie.


I have sinced turned the whole thing over to God because He and only He knows the true intentions.  Please just pray for a heavy protection over me and that the truth be revealed.  More than anything I want to be able to stand by my faith in a Christlike manner.


Of course, if the Lord blows the trumpet at 2:05 that'd be great too!


Thanks so much.. See you all SOON.

YSIC,   Launni