KML (26 Jan 2011)
"RE: John B  Article on " Neglected "  statement from God"

Hello and Blessings to you John B. and all Doves.

   After reading your above named post the first thing that came to my mind
is " The Covenant of The Many " spoken of in Daniel.
This covenant of the many doesn't have to be a[ peace agreement]. I think many have been taught that it will be [with] Israel . This [covenant] we are watching for may be this very action by the UN and the other countries concerning the PS.
I didn't see it at first but I believe this is THE MANY that may very well fulfill Daniel's Prophecy.
It concerns Israel, but is not agreed to by Israel.
According to Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm " the covenant of the many " for
One Week, ( 7 yrs ). I am concerned that everyone may be in the preconceived mind set of expecting a formal [ sit down signing ] of some earth shaking peace for land deal. Maybe the COVENANT CONFIRMED with the MANY  may not be like that at all.
Let us remember how the Nov 1947" commandment to restore" Jerusalem was overlooked by 50 years to the significance of its impact on fulfilled prophecy and the end times. No one connected the dots on this until the year 2000.
Here are only two entries made in UN resolution # 181 from Nov 1947 confirming a return of the City of Jerusalem.
3..Independant Arab and Jewish states and the " special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem" set forth in part III of this plan, " shall come into existance " in Palestine two months after the evacuation of the armed forces of the mandatory Power has been completed but in any case not later than October 1948. The boundaries of the Arab State, and the City of Jerusalem shall be as described in parts II and III below.
2. In so far as " Holy Places are concerned the liberty of access, visit and transit shall be guaranteed, in conformity with existing rights, to all residents and citizens of the other State  and of the City of Jerusalem, as well as to aliens, without distinction as to nationality, subject to requirements of national security, public order and decorum.
NOW , SINCE THE SCRIPTURE ONLY SAYS " HE WILL CONFIRM THE COVENANT WITH THE MANY FOR ONE WEEK " The following are questions that we should be asking.
1. What is the covenant that gets confirmed, [ peace for land], some [ neclear deal ], or something else altogether ?
2. Will the covenant be something completely new or something reaffirmed from the past document ?
3. Who is the many, the UN, the Arab league, the EU, the Middle East Quartet, or a combination ?
4.Will the confirmation come as some formal signing or only as a verbal commitment at first ?
5. Will Israel be co-partner in the covenant or do they get pushed into the mix ?
6. Will we see this covenant announced in the news media or come by way of the internet ?
7.Will the covenant confirmation be an obvious event, realized bt everyone, or only bt those who have been Watching ?
All I am trying to say  that we need to be watchmen in tune with events going on around us, so the " confirmed covenant with the many " ( wich may or may not be some peace for land arrangement)  does not get by us unnoticed.
We cannot afford to be tunnel-visioned only looking for ONE preconceived idea of what " he shall confirm the covenant with the many " means and miss the fulfillment of this prophecy. We simply don't have the time to let this one get by us.

Be Blessed " all "
Love in our Lord Jesus Christ
Come Lord Jesus !