Kent Crumpler (26 Jan 2011)
"How will France betray the USA?"
I posted recently on how the Lord shared with me on Novemeber 30, 2010 or so that the French would betray us (USA) somehow. I was not given what or when, just that they would. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open on this.
French President Sarkozy met with Obama recently here in the US and talked about upcoming food shortages and the need for a new global currency reserve other than the US dollar. The article above refers to these two topics. I also have heard that France is being threatened to pull out of Afghanistan. Seems as though France is in the news recently after all. I thought I had read somewhere that if the dollar is not used as the reserve anymore, this would spell doom for our economy, what's left of it. The rapture, I've been told by the Lord, will be after economic collapse.
I will keep you posted on this topic as events unfold. Please post if you learn of anything.
In Christ,