Kent Crumpler (15 Jan 2011)
"Reply to Tim Bruce re: Baptism"

Thanks Tim for your reply. Yes, there is much disagreement on this topic and that is why I think it is important to post what we believe so that everyone can decide for themselves through prayer and study. I for one do not want to get this wrong therefore I go by what the bible and the Lord have told me.
I asked the Lord if it was important to be baptized in his name instead of the titles and he replied instantly with Acts 4:12 (There is no other name under heaven by which you must be saved.............The name being referred to here is in Acts 4:10 and is Jesus.) So yes, I believe you must be baptized and it must be in the name of Jesus.
I have seen people receive the Holy Ghost prior to water baptism just as you indicated. The plan does not necessarily have to be carried out in a strict order. Repentance, the first step, absolutely should be carried out first for this is what leads to the infilling of the Holy Ghost. The water baptism does not have to be 2nd; it can be last.
Now regarding the folks on their deathbeds, etc., please remember that I wrote I do not know who is saved or not; Jesus decides that. I sincerely hope every one that believes in Jesus makes it, including the ones that repent before they die. That is why I post on this subject so at least everyone can pray about it; study it out in the bible, etc..
I want to share one last thing with you regarding infilling of the Holy Ghost. This is based on my experience and what I have observed in others and what I read in the bible. I received the Holy Ghost in August of 2008. It is a supernatural conversion; you will feel stammering lips and then you should speak in tongues as the Spirit gives you utterance (Acts 2:3, 4). I also felt an incredible warmth on the inside (Matthew 3:11); the Holy Ghost fire it is called. It's evidence of the transformation going on inside. Before, I had received the Holy Ghost I had exerienced a few occasions of being touched by the Holy Spirit of Jesus, but not an infilling. I had been shown a temporary healing of my son through a prayer of healing and I remember bursting into tears during prayer a few times. I have come to learn that the crying is normal when you're seeking God and it is part of repentance, godly sorrow, feelings of conviction, etc. The reason I share this with you is so you'll know what to look for when people are seeking the Holy Ghost.
Tim, thanks again for your reply; I love to discuss these things and God bless you also.
In Christ,