Keith Davidson (13 Jan 2011)
"Re : Leslie Fain... " GOD'S CALENDAR""

Very, very neat work Leslie. For many years I have listened to The HOLY SPIRIT, and found my chronological work so similar to your excellent graphic layout. I sent some graphic diagrams to John Tng, but I do not have your skills on the computer to define such outstanding work,so I supose it was too difficult for John to  re constitute the 5 diagrams I posted. The Word of God is so balanced; I' m constantly blessed by discovering hidden truths and confirmed prophecies.
I just turned seventy, and come from the" Silent Generation", followed by the "Baby Boomers", who leapt into the world of high technology. It is therefore too difficult for me to transpose some of my work for publishing on this network.
There are a couple of points, however,which ,because of space restraints, perhaps you did not put in your diagrams?
* In 1967 Israel was only 19 years old. Under the Leviticus priesthood order , a candidate to enter service has to be older than 19 ,but less than 50 years old to serve Almighty GOD.
The 144000 Jewish proselytes are chosen out of this group of young men to bare witness throughout the Diaspora.
They would be 44 years old now, so if the 50th year  (Jubilee) from 1967 to 2017 is the final Jubilee before the new dispensation starts, do you know of a special rabbical order that defines these virginal  men? It puzzles me that if these men were born in the latter part of this final Jubilee, we should have  heard or read something about this unique group of men? Would they be "hidden" in the Safarian order?( not sure of the spelling)
* The Timeline , showing the Jewish Civil Calendar and the Religious calendar. The first one is the Civil one I take it?
Keith Davidson