Keith C (24 Jan 2011)
"Bruce Warner - 28 reasons for a pre-trib rapture"

Hi Bruce 

I misunderstood your position, and I do apologize.  I know how frustrating that can be.  What prompted me to post the “28 reasons for a pre-trib rapture”  was your earlier “Taking Liberties” post.

Let me repost the first sentence here:

Dear Doves,
To say that that the Lord Jesus Christ saves us, His Church, from 'TRIBULATION' is NOT consistant with what the Scriptures teach us about 'TRIBULATION'.

I seldom (if ever) use the word “TRIBULATION” in normal conversation, except in reference to the last 7 years – it’s just not the way I talk.

When I read your post, what I saw was “THE TRIBULATION” – and that you were attempting to “prove” that the Church would go thru it, by “proof texting” a few words from a few verses.

That is a sure-fired way to get me riled up.


So I offered the “28 reasons” post.  I hope you read them (from your reply, I suspect that you didn’t - I understand, there was a lot there.)

They build an incredibly strong argument in favor of the pre-trib rapture.  Thoughts, concepts, deductive reasoning – not weak “proof texts”.    



My comment that "Scholars much more intelligent than you or I have already done the heavy lifting for us."  was a confession of my humility – you are wrong to presume that I might follow anybody blindly. 


I wish you the best.