Katy Brashear (22 Jan 2011)
"Robert and Joseph the 1's"

Thank you both-Robert thank you for all the time you took. I understand that it is just basic math to simply explain how this happens its just to me nothing is random I don't believe in coincidence I think God has a perfect order in everything. He is to me- like the greatest mathematician.When you read His word and understand there is obviously a ..pattern? .. 12 tribes of Israel 12 apostles ...all the 7's ..from that I found E.W.Bullinger's book Numbers in Scripture. How many people in your house are by this not 111 ..in mine just my youngest. Maybe that makes him below the age of accountability? ...
I don't know, I just see all the evil in this world I know Jesus is so near to come back and everyone posting all the 1's then for that simple math...I don't know but thanks again y'all. God Bless you both today and everyday till He comes to get us with Peace in Jesus Name I ask.