Katy Brashear (18 Jan 2011)
"Candace and Texas Sue The Stars"

Texas Sue I completely agree looking to the stars is a no no (according to Gods Word). You have to remember a few things with this though..the watching going on in this world by the powers that be satanic, occult ... they watch the stars they have perverted what God has done I would reference E.W.Bullinger Witness of the Stars. Nothing new under the sun. But this whole thing stuns me first of all they have taking it from 12 to 13 ...13 ... hello! and they have named this constellation ... dont know the Greek name... but I do know it means Serpent Bearer ....have mercy I am so looking forward to learning more about this there is bound to be biblical reference to how wrong this is all these years they have perverted the word of God in the Stars that God named and now this it just blows me away.
     Well God Bless all of Gods Children in Jesus Name I ask.