Judy Morford (20 Jan 2011)
"RE: Insensitive Words on 5 Doves"

Dear John and Doves,
Mary, I fully support your statement, cautioning Doves against shifting their focus to other Doves, in a personal attack.
I was personally hurt by the comments directed towards Marilyn Agee by a person who obviously knew little of Marilyn.  Just for added information, Marilyn is a serious scholar appointed by God to publish her work on the Internet.  Some of us have come to know her as a person through communications directly.  She is a woman of great character, now in her eighties and caring for her beloved bed bound husband who suffers from both Parkinson's and diabetes. Her own health is significantly challenging. She is worthy of respect and honor, whether or not your personal point of view matches the possibilities she offers.  She is not unfeeling when words are aimed like arrows at her, nor is the Lord pleased, nor am I and the others who respect this woman.
Thanks again, John for all you do.  Surely, it is soon!  Humbly awaiting the sovereign Lord's return,
Judy M.