Joyce (18 Jan 2011)
"Daniel 9:25

I have never posted here,but read the Five Dove posting almost every day. I recently got a revelation about the words written by Daniel in the book of Daniel chapter 9 verse 25. Which reads in my King James Bible, KNOW AND UNDERSTAND, THAT FROM THE GOING FORTH OF THE COMMANDMENT TO CAUSE TO RETURN AND TO BUILD JERUSALEM, UNTO THE ANOINTED, THE PRINCE, SHALL BE SEVEN WEEKS. It seems to me that Daniel was being told that from the time that the Jewish people would return to possess Jerusalem, until the date that JESUS will return would be 49 years. And the Israel Army did return to possess Jerusalem on June 5th 1967. So, 49 years after June 5th 1967 would be June 5th 2016. Which means that Jesus will return on  June 5th 2016. And the great tribulation would commence three and a half years prior to June 5th 2016, on December 5th 2012. According to my Julian calendar.
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