Joseph Till (28 Jan 2011)
"RE: Barry Amundsen's apology to Vonda and me"


No problem! :)

I understand what you're going through- I've been facing some financial,
emotional, and physical trials like I've never faced before in my life, and
I just can't wait until Jesus calls us home.

I, too pinned my hope on many of these rapture dates that have come and
gone, and it's been very discouraging.  That's why I decided that I will
live each day like He could come any minute, and quit pinning all my hopes
on some day that somebody says  will be the rapture.   Personally, I believe
it will happen at a time and a day that we least expect- just an ordinary
old day- just like Sept 11, 2001 was.

My whole point was that there are so many obvious signs that the Lord is
showing us that the last days are here, but that whole "birth year + your
age= 111" has a logical explanation and is not something we should be using
as some sort of a sign.

God Bless!