Joseph Till (26 Jan 2011)
"Re: Gordon and Barry's response to me about the birth year/age = 111 stuff"

To Gordon and Barry regarding this whole so-called "phenomenom" about adding
your birth year plus your age this year equals 111:

First of all, I wasn't criticizing Katy who brought this up.  I was just
pointing out that while there are obviously many signs that God is showing
us about the final days we are living in, this is NOT one of them, and we
shouldn't be using this as a end-times sign to witness to others, or we will
risk looking foolish to others.  I was trying to explain why it equals 111,
and it's just simple math, nothing weird about it.  To the best of my
knowledge, this started on Facebook, and all those who were too lazy to do
the math, think for a second, and figure out the simple reason it equals
111, just started e-mailing everybody about it, and it started to go viral.

Please use common sense and simple math- If you were born in the 1900's,
like probably most of us here, the last two digits of your birth year are
the number of years since the year 1900.  Then your age you will be this
year are the number of years that have transpired since then, which
obviously bring us to 111 years, or the year we currently live in- 2011.  If
you have a child born in 2000 or later, it will add up to 11 for obvious
reasons.   Next year, it will add up to 112 those born in the 1900's or 12
for a child born in 2000 or later, in 2013, it will be 113 and 13 for a
child, etc. etc. etc.

The number 11 and year 2011 may have special significance, and there are
many weird things happening in the world that I believe are wake-up calls
from God, but this whole "adding your birth year and your age = 111" is not
something we should be running with.   I don't know what more to say about
this- I'm not a math wiz, but if you just take the time to think about it,
you will see, too that this is nothing more than logic and common sense-
nothing more.