John RP (10 Jan 2011)
"Judgment Day - 2,011,111 ?"

John & Doves,

On Jan 4th, 2011, I was listening to a Christian song on YouTube.
The number of times it had been listened to caught my eye:  2,011,111.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm certainly NOT saying that an access count on a web page is indication that anything out of the ordinary is relevant about it.
But, I've recently read a lot about people seeing the number 11, so it did get me thinking.

2,011 could certainly be the year 2011 and then 111 could be one of five different dates in 2011 (ignoring zeros).

2011-01-11 would be Jan 11, 2011  Tuesday
2011-10-11 would be Oct 11, 2011  Tuesday
2011-11-01 would be Nov 01, 2011 Tuesday

2011-11-10 would be Nov 10, 2011 Thursday
Plus the Julian date 111 of 2011 (the 111th day of the year), which is April 21, 2011 Thursday .

There are a total of FIVE different 1s in each date, and a total of FIVE possible dates represented by those 1s.
There are THREE 1s in the Month/Day portion of the date and THREE of the dates fall on Tuesday (the THIRD day of the week).

Tuesday is considered a good day for the Jewish wedding (the Rapture of the church? )
"25) The 15th of Av (Tu B'Av) is considered an fortunate day to hold a wedding, as is the 3rd day of the week (Tuesday)."

Strangely enough, I did an Google search for the April 21, 2011 date and found it is "judgment day" in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

April 21, 2011.  Kyle Reese and Derek Reese witness the launch of U.S. missiles while playing ball in their yard.

I'm not saying this is a prediction of any date on which the Rapture may occur, only that I found it interesting and thought I'd share.

Don't give up... keep watching... HE is coming soon, hopefully very soon.