John B (25 Jan 2011)
"How one "neglected" statement from God could cause  pandemonium on this planet"

There is a heavy price to be paid for going up against Almighty God concerning Israel. I don't read Doves every day so maybe others have  already expounded on this topic. Even if they have----- it's well to hear it again.
I am only going to reflect on news items within the last several months or weeks related to countries around the world endorsing the new Palestinian state (PS) that is being established whether Israel agrees to it or not. In reading the news daily I couldn't help but notice that----
1) the EU has endorsed the Palestinian state and economic chaos has run rampant there ever since. Ireland was one of the most outspoken countries to endorse the PS and it's government just collapsed
2) Brazil and many of the South American countries have endorsed the PS and have befallen terrible weather (flooding) and weather related deaths
3) One of the last countries that I thought would endorse the PS was Australia and after they did flooding of biblical proportions ensued and continued to this day.
4) I believe South Africa also endorsed the PS and they as well have been experiencing severe flooding
5) Much has been written about the direct link of the fall of the United States and the continued strong-arm tactics of our prior and present administrations concerning the division of God's holy land in Israel. Sufficient to say that we absolutely did not obey the Lord concerning Israel and are paying a price that may cost us our nation.
6) Last week the president of Russia met personally in the Palestinian territories with the Palestinians to endorse their soon to be state. As soon as I read this I knew terrible things would start to happen in or to Russia. Today's terrible bombing at an airport in Russia will be in my opinion just the start of what Almighty God has in store for Russia.
7) I am sure that there are many many more calamities happening to other countries that have endorsed the PS but I'll stop here----you get the idea.
I can't think of too many more verses in the bible that hold more sway than the one God wrote concerning Israel  "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you."  Just one little sentence to obey---- but the world has discounted it--- and are and will--- continue to pay a great price for their disobedience.