John B (17 Jan 2011)
"Fish and Birds---Now Cattle"

There has been much coverage of the vast bird and fish deaths around the planet. And some Christian bloggers such as "Cindy by the Sea"  have looked to scripture for answers. I remember her looking to the fifth day of God's creation in Genesis 1 where the fish and birds were created trying to find answers to the dilemma. Is God following His daily creation schedule and reversing it to "un-creation" to get our attention? It appears He may be, for the next thing He created on the next day or the sixth day was cattle. And you'll never believe what just happened in Wisconsin----200 cows dropped dead in a farmers field in one night. Now what are the chances of all of them dying at the same time.  Déjà vu all over again except this time it's cattle not birds and fish.
And in case you forgot man was created on the 6th day as well----when do we start dropping over in mass?
Luke 21:36
God seems to be pulling out all the stops to get our attention of His soon coming. Hopefully those people that have "eyes to see and ears to hear" will heed the continued drum beat of warnings.