John B (14 Jan 2011)
"Recent earthquakes that I believe should be alerting Jesus' flock"

Recent earthquakes that I believe should be alerting Jesus' flock----------
For several weeks now the larger Richter Scale earthquakes swarms seem to be in three locals------ the Bonin Islands, Vanuatu and now the Loyalty Islands. A cursory look at those names would not seem to ring any alarm bells with prophecy fans looking for signs from the Lord of last days events or signs of the Rapture of the Church. But lets look a little closer at these sites and breakdown the names.
Bonin Islands have had a steady drum beat of large earthquakes now for weeks. This group of islands is made up of 10 islands and the names of these islands will definitely get your Rapture attention. They are--
Bridegroom Island     (Christ's Church is waiting for their bridegroom to come and take us away)
Bride Island                (we as the bride of Christ are patiently waiting for His return in the Rapture)
Go between Island    (Jesus is the go-between between His followers and God the Father)
North Island                (I believe there is scripture related to heaven or God's throne being in the "north")
Father Island
Elder Brother Island
Younger Brother Island
Mother Island
Elder Sister Island
Younger Sister Island
Vanuatu makes up a group of islands that have been experiencing large earthquakes now for weeks as well. The name doesn't sound biblical or one that would raise your Rapture hackles until you know what the name was changed from. The original name for Vanuatu was New Hebrides. Now this is a no brainer----- the whole of Christ's Church are watching and waiting to be---  "new He-brides".
Loyalty Islands--today's quake of 7.0 was the largest quake I believe world wide in weeks. And I can't help but wonder if Christ is speaking to us with this one as well. There definitely is a "loyalty" aspect to the ones who are watching for His return and the bible says that these "loyal" watchers will receive a special crown in heaven when we get there. I think the train is almost at the station.
If you had the power to go out and place earthquakes on the global map to get the attention of Christ's Church that He was knocking at the door, do you think you could come up with better nomenclature??  I think not-------
He definitely has my full attention.
Christ be with you in your comings and goings,
John B