John B (10 Jan 2011)
"Another "new" sign?!!"

Hi Doves,
I know a lot of you are setting on the edge of your seats waiting and "watching" for the Rapture. And if you are like me you are scanning the bible and world news for clues that might point toward that event. I think all the bird and fish deaths have us all even more focused than normal and watching for the next shoe to drop.
In my watching I looked as to where the larger earthquakes were happening around the planet. For the last several days that place has been Vanuatu. So I looked into Vanuatu to see if maybe the Lord might be trying to tell us something. Not knowing what I was really looking for except some sign from God, I started reading anything and everything about Vanuatu.
I became a little "flushed" in the spirit when I read that the prior name for Vanuatu was--- New Hebrides. Do you know anyone who is expecting to be a "new bride" to someone whose name we have to capitalize when we use it as "He"??
I am excited--------how about you???
John B