John B (10 Jan 2011)
"Have you considered writing a letter to your friends and relatives that may be "left behind"??"

Hi Doves,
Did you ever think about composing a letter for those friends and hopefully not relatives that may soon be very fearful and confused when they find themselves "left behind" after the Rapture? I have felt compelled to do so and I thought I might share my thoughts with you. It's likely my thoughts will be perceived as non main stream----but they are what I have discerned from the Word..  Below are my thoughts and what I believe will transpire soon after the Rapture of the Church. With the exception of the "Mary part" and my choice for the anti-christ -----everything else can indeed be found in scripture.
My intent is not to offend anyone especially Catholics with my thoughts. I am over 60 and "was" a Catholic for over 40 years until I decided to read the bible extensively and determined that the Catholic Church was in major error concerning God's Holy Words. And when one's eternal destiny is at stake these false doctrines of the Catholic Church which  jeopardize one's salvation are to me--- inexcusable.
So, my letter to the "left behind" goes like this--------
Dear So and So,
In the event of the disappearance of (insert your name) and (insert your wife's name) and millions of other people------and the fact that this event may very well have been accompanied by a great earthquake----- the below information may be extremely helpful.
As you know as born again Christians we believe in the Rapture of the church where Jesus comes to get His bride (millions of Christians that go missing) just before the the seven year tribulation period begins. He, Jesus in the twinkling of an eye transforms His believers (dead and alive) from mortal to immortal and takes them to a safe place in the heavens for the duration of the tribulation or also known as the period of Jacobs trouble. This seven year period will be a time of extreme distress for the planet and it's inhabitants, a literal hell on earth as described in the book of Revelation.
Immediately after the Rapture------ pandemonium, chaos and anarchy will prevail and the world will demand answers. Two groups will step forward ,a religious group headed by the second beast of the book of Revelation known as the false prophet and a political group headed by the first beast of the book of Revelation known as the anti-christ. Between these two men or groups they will set up a one world religion and a one world government.
I believe soon after the Rapture, the false prophet or second beast will present himself as the "returned" Pope John Paul II (Rev.17:7-8) and the existing present Pope will have disappeared. Along with this returned Pope will be a false demonic Mary (mother of Jesus) who will also demonically arrive on scene. Between them they will explain what just happened to millions of people that have disappeared. They will probably tell the world they were sent by God himself to witness for Him as to these events------ and that the Raptured or missing people were false doctrine trouble makers that were removed for the good of mankind. The "one" the bible says--- ascended from the bottomless pit (this Pope) and this false Mary will perform all manners of (demonic) miraculous lying signs and wonders to convince the world of what they say. Mary may display "red crosses" in the sky.  The bible warns us numerous times that in this end time scenario Satan and his troops would deceive many with these types of lying signs and wonders. So don't believe and be taken in by their demonic magic for the bible says Satan can manifest things and himself as anything he wants to deceive the world. Between this Pope and Mary I believe they will deceive a majority of the planet including Muslims, Hindu's, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, etc. The end result will be a one world "ecumenical" movement and one world religion centered in Rome. (Rev.17:18 combined with Rev.17:9) This demonic Pope /false prophet /second beast will endorse a world leader to rule a large part of the planet at this time of world crisis. And being that this false Pope has just dazzled and mesmerized the world with his lying signs and wonders, the populous will go along with whatever and whomever the Pope endorses---- which will be a person to oversee and calm the world during this extremely chaotic period.
I believe this world leader, the first beast, the anti-christ,  will be Obama. He will declare martial law in the United States and he will rule with an iron fist. He will not tolerate anyone's dissention especially left behind luke-warm Christians and Jews (internment camps).  He will cancel any and all elections due to the chaos and to insure his power. As per the bible at some point someone will shoot him in the head causing a critical wound but he will make a miraculous recovery and at this point his body will be taken over by Satan himself. Obama's (or if it's not Obama) the anti-christ's oratory and political skills will then be ten fold greater---- and he will mesmerize the world like no one ever has and will personally take control of the one world government.
At some point the mark of the beast will come into play and people will not be able to by or sell unless they take this mark that is to be displayed on your hand or your forehead. This mark will signify (so to speak) that you have accepted the anti-christ and are on his team. God says that if you take this mark---mark of the beast--- that you will be dammed to hell for eternity. So whatever you do ---do not take or mark yourself with the sign of the beast or any mark or implant (chip). Also break all affiliation with the Catholic Church---the one world religion ---and completely shun anyone who endorses this church. Even if it is one of your favorite trusted (left behind) tele-evangelists from TBN or CBN etc. Try to find true believers of Jesus for support and make sure you turn your heart over to Him as your Lord and savior. Your eternal salvation depends on it.
If you still have internet access you can research the tribulation period and what to expect or better yet ask God for discernment and read the bible (King James) especially the book of Revelation. The first 3.5 years will be bad but the last 3.5 years of this 7 year period you can expect almost non stop wars and constant terrible calamities. At some point early in the 7 years God the Father will intercede on Israel's behalf when a Russian-Islamic confederation comes against Israel. He will almost completely eradicate those factions that came against Israel and there will be no doubt that He--- the God of Israel--- was responsible for the extreme carnage.(Ezek.38 and 39) There will be 144,000 Jewish evangelists preaching the true gospel around the world. There will be at times angels declaring God's word from the sky. There will be two witnesses (Elisha?and Moses?) that are sealed by God and protected from harm that will preach the gospel for 3.5 years. Then God allows Satan to kill them in Jerusalem. The whole world will witness this and these two witnesses will come alive after three days and be raptured into heaven accompanied by an earthquake.
I sincerely hope and pray that you are not reading this because it means that you were left behind on the initial Rapture but that doesn't mean that you have lost your salvation or place in heaven.There will be millions of believers ( like you) that come out of the great tribulation that haven't taken Satan's mark (mark of the beast) and will have truly given their heart to Jesus during this period and be saved. So prepare yourselves for the extreme times ahead, pray, and focus on Jesus to ultimately save you in the end.
P.S.--Also it's highly likely that demonic alien UFO's will be thrown in the mix. Keep in mind that they are Satan's fallen angels and are not your friends---- regardless of what Hollywood or anybody else says.  If they show up they will most assuredly play a major part in the great deception.
John B