Joe M (28 Jan 2011)


My wife felt led by the Lord to share her dream:

I was at this house and I saw my cousin come in.  He seemed concerned.  We didn't say much.  I told him he could stay there.  The dream shifted to where I was in Jamaica in the neighborhood where I used to live.  I heard someone say "your two cousins are in jail."  In my dream, I saw this lady that used to be my Sunday school teacher when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  She had the Sunday school at the back of her house.  She was wearing black clothes.  Her face was fixated on someone, I don't know.  She was looking up this path.  Then my dream shifted to where I came to this house.  I stood outside looking up at this house, wondering what could be going on.  Then my dream shifted to me being in a room where I saw some clothes seemingly belonging to me.  I felt good in the house, like I was safe.  I picked up some clothes to change into, after which I found myself on top of this hill on a small porch with some steps leading up to the porch.  I looked down this dirt path where I saw my sister.  She was looking down the road..  She was all dressed up.  I said something to her.  She responded, "I am going to go get my number.  The lady is preparing my number for me."  I was concerned.  Then my dream shifted to me being at Walgreen's here in America.  I got out of my car, walked to the mailbox, dropped the mail but forgot to put a stamp on the mail.  I went inside and told one of the worker's what happened.  He quickly rushed to get a set of keys to open the mailbox.  After, I went to leave and suddenly realized I walked into a different world.  The parking lot changed, the cars were gone, everything was different.  I was told to go somewhere to get the car.  Myself and others were walking and riding bicycles to go get their vehicles.  I saw a man with a black truck and asked him for a ride, he pointed behind him to his wife riding a bike behind him.  As we approached the place, I felt an evil presence in my dream so strong.  It was hard for me to go further because of it.  I knew it would be hard to get my car back, and I tried to wake myself up because of the evil force there.  After I woke myself up, the Lord allowed me to see the rest of the dream.  I saw a few men standing there waiting for us as we approached them.  It seemed we would have to get  a mark before we get our vehicles back.  I saw creatures in our vehicles.  I wanted to smash the window and get the creatures out of the car.  I lie in my bed after the dream, fully awake with tears in my eyes, finding it hard to believe the evil presence in the dream.  The Lord spoke to my spirit, "Let them know the Lord was speaking, let them know the nearness of my coming, and also the evil that will be unleashed on the earth."

Saints of God, what we need to do at this hour is to go out and tell people that Jesus loves them and he's coming.  Sometimes we need to get out  of the four walls of the church building and go in the streets and tell people about God and how much He loves them.  We can't afford to just sit and wait.  Now is the time to tell them he's coming soon.  We must tell people the truth because we love them.  The Bible said the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.  Tell them to be saved they must be born again.  Tell family members, co-workers that Jesus loves the and he's coming soon.  He's certainly coming soon!

God Bless,