Joe Chappell (26 Jan 2011)
"Please Remain Calm, this is not happening"

Dear Doves,
A few nights ago, I had a very vivid dream.   In the dream, I was in my favorite grocery store,and shopping for my usual things. As I looked for my favorite muffins, that usually sell for $3.99 for four muffins, I found that they had taken one muffin, sliced it into 4 pcs, and it was $3.99. ( a four fold price increase ).  I looked around, and everything was similar in price. No one in the store seemed alarmed, but I was dumb struck. I just left the store.  Next, I was in a large room filled with old men, and a few old women.  They were all in bathrobes, and slippers. Then I realized I was in a nursing home.  The odd thing, was that there were no nurses or caregivers. They had all left, and the residents were just milling around, and trying to fend for themselves. It was pitiful. I got the impression that the help had left, because they weren't being paid anymore. Then the dream was over. I awoke with a very frustrated feeling. I usually forget my dreams, but this one stuck with me all day.