Jimmy Lishman (27 Jan 2011)
"Perry Stone vision of 2011 - another point of convergence"

I Saw Another Dream of What is Coming

I will keep this article brief for several reasons. If you keep up with our ministry, you know that for the past several years, usually at some point each year, I will share of a visitation from the Lord. It may be a dream or in rare instances a vision that reveals something that will happen within two to five years from the moment it was made known by the Holy Spirit’s revelation.

I sincerely believe that 2011 could become the most significant year for prophetic alignment and events that will shape the world, than any year in previous decades.


Without rehashing events, you know about the word in 1998 concerning Governor Bush becoming President; the 9-11 vision of the towers, and more recently the Oil Rig off the coast of Louisiana. During every visitation I have at some point shared with you what I have seen, long before it came to pass, which gave credence that the word was from the Lord.

A few weeks ago, I was in a deep sleep and saw a series of dreams that were similar to the acts in a play, the chapters in a book, or a script in a movie. Each dream flowed into another part as it consisted of about four sections. To make a rather long story short, it involved a threat to the food supply.  It was not just in America, it was a global threat, and it was due to huge volumes of water that was going to be unleashed on land that was used for farming and where there were homes. I could literally hear a rumbling sound coming from under the earth. I began to warn people that there would be a diminished supply of food as the water was going to ruin both homes and crops.  I instructed them to preserve food from the flood waters by putting light non perishable food in plastic coolers and sealing them with tape. This would prevent water from entering and they would float on the water. This implied that floods would be in homes and the food would be lost unless it was protected.

As I meditated on this, and wrote in my personal dream/visions journal, a few weeks later, I saw on the national news a high “tsunami like flood” that struck Australia, of the likes I had never seen from just a flood.  There were 11,000 homes destroyed or under water and thousands of vehicles. The announcer said that there was a “massive shortage of food in the area.” Honestly, I cringed and felt shaken inside when I saw this and I knew this was similar to what I saw coming on a much larger scale.

I know many of you will ask me for the details of this visitation, but I always want to take the time with the Lord for three things. First, to seek a confirmation from the Lord that this was Him speaking, who at this time I am certain it is.  Second, to know how much to share in public, as people are at different levels of faith and the “floods of water” may affect certain areas and not others. Too many people instead of listening and planning accordingly, begin to panic, hold back finances, and become fearful and doubtful of God’s care for them, which is exactly the opposite reaction needed with a warning.  Third, is the need to understand the timing of the events. Often a person will share something is coming, people will plan, nothing happens and then after everyone gets skeptical it then strikes.

I cannot tell you the amount of criticism I receive, from Christians who tell me to keep my mouth shut and just preach a positive message.  Others tell me that the reason I don’t have the crowds others do in my meetings is because they need a positive message and “not all that prophecy garbage.” In fact, while others are bringing abundant resources (income) into their ministry by promising huge “returns” on their offerings, we don’t have that response in our ministry.  I can see a time coming and I have already been warned that the “higher ups” in the nation are going to eventually silence me and others like me, through internet control, special laws passed and other means that I will refrain from mentioning.  These are not cheap threats.

This is one of the reasons I keep emphasizing to you the need to attend the conferences in your area, or some of the main meetings during the year.  There is insight that must not be mentioned on the internet and certainly on the Manna-Fest telecast. I sincerely believe that 2011 could become the most significant year for prophetic alignment and events that will shape the world, than any year in previous decades. I can see events forming in 15 different areas that could be significant. I hope you and your family will join me as often as possible this year!

P.S. You will recall that when I saw the Oil Rig being capped in the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana, I only shared the area with Partners first, and then publically. I will share the details of these things after prayer and when I receive a full release from the Holy Spirit, as I take these visitations very serious.

Perry Stone