Jimmy Lishman (20 Jan 2011)
"Seeing the proof of the pudding - The Convergence is about to happen - At the Right Time"

Hi Doves,

The Convergence Bruce Baber (17 Jan 2011) Lines of Convergence, the link to the one world currency conniving by Frank Molver and the confirmations given to me the past two months cannot be coincidental (non kosher type word in my dictionary)

If you just read the few articles referring to the 70 years (and the one from Gordon Smith yesterday) you cannot think otherwise that the 63rd birthday of Israel on May 15 2011 (with 7 years left for the tribulation) is VERY significant.

After reading these articles, download and listen to the audio link provided by Frank – and make your own conclusions(Notice the date of the Audio Link – it is all happening NOW




Maranatha HE COMES