Jimmy Lishman (18 Jan 2011)
"Bruce Baber (17 Jan 2011) Lines of Convergence"

Yeah Bruce – GO GO – the LORD has been showing me this EXACT picture the past year – and each time I ask for a guide or encouragement from the LORD on any issue (is 70 years a generation?, when do the Jubilees fall?) HE answers me within the exact day that I enquire – Man this is proof positive – as I asked the LORD “Are there any others who think like this” HE answered – Yeah Bruce!!

When Christians say to me that we cannot know the day, even the season I lead them with exactly the piece you describe, and also add the Ezekiel Prophecy of Grant Jefferies on why Ezekiel lay so many days depicting years on the one side for Israel’s sin and on the other side depicting the years for Judah’s sin – Prophetically showing thereby the exact date of Israel becoming a nation in 1948.

I let them do the math and lo and behold they say ‘Oh that brings the year to 2011 – WHAT!!! THAT’S THIS YEAR!’ man it is so gratifying to see how their eyes get opened by their own math – and all the GLORY goes to our LORD JESUS – along with the reborn soul in doing the math and seeing how late it really is!


God bless you Bruce

Love in the coming LORD JESUS

One of the Bride