Jim H (3 Jan 2011)
"The Great Awakening Crusade - Live Nightly at 730 PM EST 1/2/2011 - 1/22/2011"

The Great Awakening Crusade

Live on CTN (Christian Television Network) at 730 PM EST 1/2/2011 thru 1/22/2011

Also on Direct tv CH 376,    Dish Network CH 267,   SkyAngle IPTV CH 136

Webcast Links: http://ctnonline.com/Watch.html and http://www.revival.com/rtn/broadcast.aspx

CTN television network and CTNI  has cleared the way for Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne to broadcast the Great Awakening live 7 nights a week — starting Sunday night, the 2nd of January 2011. We have an opportunity to carry the gospel nightly into 40 million plus homes by way of satellite across North, Central, and South America. This is huge — it is a mass crusade every night — we are so excited — God is so good!

We are so excited as we are getting ready for the biggest event of our lives & ministry - the launching of the Great Awakening on January 2nd, 2011. This will be a 3 hour nightly broadcast that airs on CTN and CTNI networks as well as RTN of Revival.com

We go live at 7:30 PM and go off of the air at 10:30 PM. Then, with an hour break, it re-airs. This puts us on the West Coast of the United States between 8:30 PM and 11:30 PM! Nightly, there will be powerful praise & worship, testimonies, and special music.  There will also be powerful preaching, teaching, and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit! The messages will result in souls being saved, the fire of God falling on many, and people being mobilized to help us see America come back to the Lord — another "Great Awakening!"

Remember that the only thing that we can take with us when we leave the earth is souls!

For more information go to: http://www.revival.com/the-great-awakening.2988.1.htm