Jennie (26 Jan 2011)
"Re Pablo"

middle of the ocean and there was this horrible storm and he was looking for refuge and found this little floating refuge or island that looked like a castle,
I saw this castle too.  About a month ago, God put me on this big rock and I floated across the ocean  very very fast.  It stopped in the middle of the ocean somewhere and I saw this big Castle and I saw people trying to climb up to the top.  I got off the rock and tried to climb it too, I wanted to see what was in it.  About half way up, something pulled me down and put me back on the rock and I floated back to shore  very very fast.   I got the impression the castle was evil and that the AC was dwelling there.  The castle I saw looked like a big volcano made of volcano rocks.  I knew it was a dwelling of some sort.   I find it interesting that we are all dreaming and seeing bits and pieces of the same thing.  Just wanted to share that with you.   YSIC  Jennie