Jennie (25 Jan 2011)
"BRAVO  John B."

YES, you are right!!!   I too believe and have been saying for the longest time that when the MAJOR EARTHQUAKE happens, so too does the RAPTURE.   I have seen the stars falling in three visions.  I believe when things happen in 3's it's a warning.   We are about to go home any day now and this Major Earthquake in Revelation Chapt. 6 is about to happen.  I believe the 4 horsemen are already loose.  All we have to do is look around us,  the horrors of these 4 Horsemen are here.  God's Wrath doesn't BEGIN until after the GREAT EARTHQUAKE.  This is the Gift we have been given to ESCAPE THE WRATH THAT IS TO COME.  Just for thought, I was wondering if or should I say when  this world MAKES ISRAEL GIVE UP HER LAND FOR PEACE if this is when God says, " Enough is Enough!" and he sends a Great Earthquake???  Just a thought here.  Anyway, Bravo   YSIC  Jennie