Jennie (18 Jan 2011)
"Re: Bruce"

Thank you.  I have had a lot of people argue with me over this Rapture Timing, but how can anyone who is watching not see the Horsemen Loose?  We are about to enter a Terrible Time by Spring by food shorting, inflation, destroyed crops.  Just today I saw in the news that not only are fish and birds dying, but now OUR FOOD SOURCE.  Cows, soon other animals will die.  The Horsemen are loose, and I believe we are waiting for a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE that will shake the world, which I also believe the Rapture Happens.  The sealing of the 144,000 in Israel is a Spiritual seal, and could be done with a blink of an eye. I personally am looking for this Major Earthquake as predicted to be next in line in the Book of Revelations.  I hope the Rapture comes first, but I think it works together.  It would be a great way for the dead to rise???   I am no expert, but I have been studying bible prophecy for over 10 years, it's a passion of mine.  If you see the Rapture happening in another way, feel free to share?  No one know for sure how or when the Rapture will happen, but working together will all of the knowledge that God has given to all of us, we might have some kind of idea.   YSIC  Jennie