Jennie (15 Jan 2011)
"RE: Marilyn Agee:"

Who Said Rev. 4 chap 1 Is the Rapture??  Just because John was shown  What is to come, doesn't mean the Rapture happened during 4 verse 1.  He was just shown of the things to come. Rev. 4 verse 1 only talks about the 24 elders clothed in white, not multitudes of people.  In Chap. 5, only the four living creatures and the 24 elders proclaimed of being redeemed, again not multitudes of people.  In Chap. 6 the 4 horsemen are let loose upon the earth to help usher the AC in.  The the seal only talks about the Mariters who died on the earth for preaching the word.   Only THEY get to wear the White Robes at THIS time.  (Remember, the dead in Christ rise first?).  Now in Chap. 6 God talks about the Great Day of His Wrath.   This is when the Tribulation is about to officially start.  We get Raptured somewhere before the Great Day of His Wrath, but don't know when. 
 I think it's foolish for us to believe that we won't endure any of the things to come.  God promises to rescue us before the Tribulation Starts, but he never said we won't endure some of the birth pangs leading the the Tribulation. 
I hope everyone re reads Rev. Chap. 4 and read what it is really telling us? 
Note:  The two prophets are Enoch and Elijah,  they HAVEN'T tasted death.