Jennie (13 Jan 2011)

Dr. Owuor has prophesied that the Black Horse has been release in August of 2008.  This horse represents a days wage.....    Since 2008 the economy around the world has been strangled, and it will continue to get worse.  We are in the end times.  He said that right before the Pale Horse get released (Death =AC)  WE ARE TO GO IN THE RAPTURE.   Isn't this AWESOME!!!   It's been a little over two years since the Economic Crash, and now you can physically see the Pale Horse getting ready to come.  All of the animals dying around the world is like a Red Carpet to usher in the AC.  Remember the Pale Horse represents Death?   We could go home any minute.  I watched Dr. Owuor's  You Tube Videos of Visions of the Black Horse part 1 through part 10.  He is trying to tell everyone that we are at the door,  if only we would listen??  I got goose bumps on everyone of his videos, the Holy Spirit kept jumping inside me saying, "  Listen"  Please take a night out of your busy schedule and watch his videos on these 10 parts, they are only 10 minutes long each???   Decide for yourselves.   YSIC  Jennie