Jean Stepnoski (7 Jan 2011)
"220 Days: Establishing the Sanctuary and Beginning Sacrifices"

Dear Doves,
      Some have written lately at this forum about the construction of a Tabernacle or Temple in Jerusalem. The major function, under the resuming of Mosaic laws would be sacrifices: especially the blood of animals. The Torah states repeatedly that the life is in the blood. In Daniel 8 what is mentioned, in numerous translations, is "the sanctuary" rather than tabernacle or temple! The sanctuary is the essence of a tabernacle or temple, it is the area for sacrifices. It does not imply an ornate surrounding area, as had Solomon's Temple or Herod's Temple. Could the initial essential and simple sanctuary be gradually built up into an impressive and expensive Tabernacle or Temple? Would this be symbolic of Jerusalem becoming likened to "Sodom and Egypt"? This expansion, over months or years, could make Jerusalem a show place and magnet for pilgrims/tourists? This seems highly possible. This expansion would continue well past the period of 220 days. Herod's Temple was expanded and worked on for decades.
      The initial sanctuary, the area for sacrifices and worship, could begin with a basic and simple pre- fabricated structure. This could be set up in a week or two, at most. By day 221 the sanctuary and sacrifices would be operational. The 220 days are transitional to the remainder of the period of The 70th Week of Daniel. Some of these days seem to be days of relative quiet, like the lull before storms. All the 220 days would not be necessary to construct  the sanctuary and set up the sacrificial system. The clothing is ready, the implements are ready, the red heifer and then its ashes are ready. Not much needs to be done in the time of the initial phase of construction and then implimentation.
      The implications are amazing. The Blessed Hope and then the short term wars could fit into these 220 days. Prophecies would be fulfilled concerning Damascus, Isaiah 17, and Psalm 82. After these would be the command to rebuild "the sanctuary." If we are already into The 70th Week of Daniel since 11-7 to 8 in 2010, then forward 220 days is 6-14-2011. Even if The 70th Week of Daniel ends in Spring 2018, rather than days of Tishri to Hanukkah in 2017, some or all of the 220 days must be in 2011.
      Might The Blessed Hope be this month? On 1-19-2011 will be 75 days from 11-7 to 8 in 2010. It will be going from Shevat 14 to 15 of Tu B' Shevat, the New Year for Trees, the Rosh Hashanah for Trees. On this day Israel declares Spring, most of the rain of Autumn and Winter has fallen. It is traditional for some to have a seder with 4 cups of wine and the eating of samples of all the 7 crops or species of the land of Israel. Remember The Master warning about drunkenness? The seder  would include the last of the harvest for Israel, olive oil or olives! In the spiritual year, this day is the last hurrah for olives and all the 7 harvests!  It is a symbolic agricultural and spiritual bridge from Winter to Spring. Israel is a semi-tropical climate and not far from the equator. It will be the full moon. On this anniversary day, the first session of The Knesset, Israel's ruling body, took place in 1949. It has been noted by Raul that as of 1-19, will follow 7 perfect years of 29 days a month for 84 lunar cycles, until days of Tishri in 2017, notably Yom Kippur on 9-30-2017.
      The Blessed Hope is nearer than ever before. May we be WATCHING! Bless John Tng and all the Doves!
With Love and Shalom,