Jean Stepnoski (27 Jan 2011)
"To Honor Mary Belle Habeger"

Dear Doves,
      I attended the visitation and funeral of a fine Christian woman on 1-26-2011. Mary Belle was a relative, first cousin to my mother. She will be our sister in Christ forever. Even in death, at her visitation and funeral, Mary Belle wanted to be a witness for Christ. She asked her friend Pastor Bauden to proclaim the Gospel and extend the invitation to repent of one's sins, accept Christ as personal Savior and the Lord of one's life. This was beautifully done. Is that a rare thing to do at a Christian funeral? The spiritual details of her funeral were planned in advance by Mary Belle and her pastor. Each placed the spotlight on Christ rather than herself. She asked that her testimony be read aloud. It was. There were copies available for anyone who wanted one. Even her casket reflected attention and glory to Christ. On the white satin lining were 3 crosses, reminding us of Calvary/Golgatha and Him. I asked her son Hollis if I could share her testimony. He smiled and said she would really like that. I hope her testimony will richly bless each person who reads it! Please print and distribute, if you want to do so.
With Love and Shalom,