Jean Stepnoski (15 Jan 2011)
"Looking to 1-19-2011, Shevat 14 to 15, The Feast of Trees"

Dear Doves,
      A particular date of interest this month is Shevat 15, the Feast of Trees, at the full moon. The full moon is symbolic of completion or fullness. Might it be about the bringing in of the fullness of the Gentiles for the complete group of His bride? Some will have a seder, the evening Shevat 15 begins, with samples of the 7 crops or species of Israel. Also within this seder, not commanded in The Scriptures, will be the consuming of 4 glasses of wine. They are in order as follows. The white wine represents Winter, the pale pink represents Spring, the darker pink represents Summer, and the dark red or purple represents Autumn. This evening has dangers for drunkenness and sleepiness for those  participating in the seders. This is a red flag night for at least 2 dangers, drunkenness and sleepiness, Messiah/Christ warned against. He warned that on the day of the releasing of the trap, or snare, we are not to be overwhelmed by dissipation, drunkenness, cares of life, or sleepiness. It is a night to be watchful, the night the trap is released, not to believe that The Master delays His arrival. On this night, it is wise not to let down ones guard. The father, he who is the good man and the master and the owner of his house, should be alert. His treasures, his children, will be in his care.
      It is the old calendar date of Epiphany, as researched by Eliot Hong. Eliot has shared additional clues about this being 10 days away from the tragic events in Tucson, AZ. He has also noted recent earthquakes in locations and names. Some fascinating names are the following: Bridegroom Island, Bride Island, and New Hebrides. This is like "new He-brides." The last on the list of the birth pangs in The Olivet Discourse concerns earthquakes " in divers places." From the date of 1-19, Shevat 14 to 15 will be 84 months of 29 days each until Yom Kippur in 2017. My thanks to Eliot and Raul for their research and clues.
      Shevat 14 to 15 will be the day of double blessing, day 4 of The Scriptural week, the day traditionally for Jewish weddings, and the midst of the menorah day. There are many clues, many reasons to help us ponder this day before its arrival. Spring is declared for Israel on this day, the Feast of Trees. Might The Blessed Hope be on this day, for the symbolic earliest of Spring brides, for The Wedding of the Ages?  We shall see. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,