Jean Stepnoski (10 Jan 2011)
"Grand Finale and Beginning: Jubilee Begun on Nisan 1"

Dear Doves,
      Some believe that The Second Coming will be at the ending of 2520 days on Yom Kippur in 2017. Might all 2595 days be concluded at the later date of Nisan 1 in 2018? According to Jewish history, this is the day for The Coronation of the Kings of Israel. If we count back 2595 days from Nisan 1 in 2018 we are at 2-5-2011. This is 87 days past 11-9-2010. Ahead from 2-5  are 87 lunar cycles? The 3 lunar cycles past 11-7 to 8 would be at 2-5-2011. This day will be Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, the new moon of Adar II, month 12 and day 1. The date 12-1 is like 1111. Earlier that day is part of the last day, day 30 of the month of Shevat, for part of the world. A few days earlier, some of The House of Israel have been fasting.
      From declaration of Jubilee on Yom Kippur on 9-30-2017, to Jubilee beginning on Nisan 1 of 3-16-2018, will be 5 and 1/2 months. Won't some of the dead have been buried for 1 and 1/2 months before Tishri begins? Might this all be finished before Nisan 1? Will the people deal with burial and defilement since at least the month of Elul? The Master will fulfill the days of Tishri with His Second Coming, concerning Trumpets, Yom Kippur, and Tabernacles. Yet, how could those defiled observe The Feasts of the Lord during this time? The land and people would be defiled. The Messiah/Christ, however, would not be defiled. This is an important distinction to be made. There would be no problem with His Coronation as The King of Israel, if the burials are concluded before Nisan 1, 2018. Then as High Priest, Messiah, and King He would lead and preside over all The Feasts of The Lord in sequence, and their defilement gone, for the whole of the Jubilee Year from Nisan 1, 2018 to Nisan 1 in 2019!
      The Master can indeed appear at His Second Coming in days of Tishri in 2017. From 2-5-2011 to The Feast of Trumpets, to Yom Kippur to Nisan 1 can conclude all 2520 days, plus the 30, plus the 45. Day 1335 may be Nisan 1, 2018, the day blessed for those who reach this day. Nisan 1 will be the tremendous beginning of year 50 of the Jubilee Cycle. Will it be Jubilee Cycle 120? It would begin the new year, and the new millennium! Jubilee is about declaration and augmentation of total freedom. All slaves are released. Debts are absolved. Landowners are restored to their land. There is clean slate for Israel, land and people. These are grand new beginnings in the inauguration of His Kingdom. If we are in the concluding 7 years of this special 120 of Jubilee Cycles, then these years are indeed distinctive.
      The date of Nisan 1 in 2018 will be Spiritual Year Day 1. It will be Rosh Chodesh. What better day to also begin Day 1 of His 1000 Year Reign? Nisan 1 is the anniversary date, Coronation Day, for the ancient Kings of Israel! Again, what day is finer to crown Messiah/Christ as The King of Israel? What other day would be more rich in symbolism than Nisan 1 for Kingship, Kingdom, Jubilee,  and Millennial Reign? Is it probable that Nisan 1 in 2018 will be the blessed day 1335?
      If The Day of The Blessed Hope is 2-5-2011, then there are 3 Adar II months in the period to Nisan 1 in 2018. The number of lunar cycles would be 87? The day counts of 2595 would end on Nisan 1, 3-16-2018. Will The Blessed Hope arrive on or before 2-5-2011? We shall see.. May we be WATCHING?
With Love and Shalom,