Jean Stepnoski (1 Jan 2011)
"Looking to Shevat 1: Assembly Day 1"

Dear Doves,
      On 1-5-2011 at sunset begins Shevat 1, month 11 of the Scriptural year. It will be 11-1 or 111 and the Rosh Chodesh, the new moon. This date, part of the dark of the moon phase, is 60 days past 11-7-2010. It is 1/6 of a 360 day year from that day. It is 1/42 of 2520 days, begun also on that date. The number 60 is a generational marker. The number 42 is a Messiah/Christ number. It is also the number of relocations of the Chosen People during the 40 years in the wilderness. It will be leaving the date of Tevet 29 and will be Epiphany Eve.
      In Jewish history Shevet 1 is an important anniversary day according to The Book of Deuteronomy. In the year 1488 BCE on this significant day,  Moses CONVENED ALL  THE  PEOPLE, and began a 37 day Torah review which he concluded on the day he died on Adar 7. There are 3 great speeches of recapitulation and appeal. The following are some major themes: covenant, Israel, land, law, and obedience. The Song of Moses and the Blessing of Moses are near the conclusion. What do the assembled in Heaven do after The Blessed Hope? They sing a new song!
      The anniversary date of Shevat 1 is obscure to most, yet memorable. Moses was beginning to teach and tutor all the people about the vital spiritual things. He was preparing to appoint Joshua, the namesake of The Messiah of Israel, for them to finally be ready go into Canaan, the Promised Land. Might this date of Shevat 1 be a beginning day for assembly, instruction, singing, and blessings for all the Eternal Family of The Blessed Hope community? May we daily WATCH for The Beloved!
With Love and Shalom,