Jeanette (26 Jan 2011)
"Pablo and John B"

Pablo and John B
Praise God!  Your posts have been a confirmation to me.  I am not a Bible scholar.  In fact, when I have read the book of Revelations in the past it sounded Greek to me (pun intended).  I have prayed for quite some time for understanding.  I used to have to rely on others' interpretations which are many and varied.  I know He wanted me to read the book for myself again.  I read it again this past week and some things seemed so clear.
Pablo - I came up with the same exact conclusion  In the book, after the 6th seal is opened, there is a great earthquake among other things. The 144,000 (jews) are sealed and then a Elder asks John about those in white robes standing before the throne.  They have come out of the great tribulation.  I took that as coming out and away from.  I read this verse in many translations....some just say tribulation.  It says they are a multitude and their robes have been washed in the blood of the lamb. I really dont think they are talking about tribulation saints as they havent even got into the trumpets.
I am thinking the seals are for end times,the rapture happens during the 6th seal.  The trumpets are for the first half of the trib and the bowls are for the second half.  It seemed to me that the seals are a taste of things to come in the first half the trib.  The trumpets are a taste of what will happen in the second half.  They get worse and worse.....maybe like the birth pains.  Not that I will be here to see that. This may seem a little simplistic but for my mind...the simpler the better.
I know that is not what everyone wants to hear or believes.  I suppose it may not even really matter as we will be taken when we are taken, but it was exciting to me anyway.  After all, Everyday is a good day for the Rapture!