jdb (27 Jan 2011)
"Can anybody interpret this dream?"

Does anybody have the gift of interpreting dreams? 

Hey Doves – I am so grateful for all of you – you make this one of the most powerful Christian sites on the net – please join me in praying for John…I know he needs our prayers!

If anybody has the gift of interpreting dreams, would you please interpret this one? 

Ok, dream opens late at night with me standing in a very small (one room?) and very old broken down house that is situated by itself out in some kind of prairie.  I notice that there is a large hole in the center of the floor where I can see the dirt under the house.  There is a violent storm raging outside…the wind and lightening is unnaturally (supernaturally) violent.  I fall asleep on a couch that is so old and broken down I wouldn’t even sit on it in real life!  When I wake up, the house is dark and everybody else is gone…they left me there.  The storm is still raging and I feel like I’ve got to leave the house to try get to this modern neighborhood that is approximately a couple of miles away – I had to walk because I had lent my truck to some guys that I didn’t know that needed it!  When I step outside the house I notice that there is an old shop that is next to the house – I knew there was woodworking equipment inside of that shop and even though the lights in the shop were turned off (it was very dark) I could hear a table saw running with wood being pushed through the saw blade – somehow I knew that there was a demon inside that shop that was pushing the wood through the table saw…it was very menacing and I also knew that the demon desperately wanted or needed me to come into the shop, but I just kept walking out into the prairie in the direction of the modern neighborhood – by this time it was dawn was beginning to break and for the first time I could see the full force of the storm…it was radical beyond belief…storm clouds would gather and move 100 times faster then they do in real life and the lightening was discharging and exploding with an intensity that was 100 times greater then in real life – the wind was blowing with a greater force then any gale footage I’ve ever seen as well and I was amazed that I was able to continue walking (more like clawing with my hands and toes) towards this neighborhood.  As I was making my way towards this neighborhood an even more violent wind started bending this massive tree down towards me as if it was trying to catch me and then I realized that this wind controlling this tree was demonic…I turned towards this tree and rebuked it in Jesus’ Name – and the tree relented – at this point I became even more confident in my being able to appropriate and utilize the power that God has given to all of us that belong to Him and continued heading towards the neighborhood…as impossible as it seemed, the storm increased in even greater intensity now blowing directly in my face, but I didn’t seem to care because I was so grateful for God and His power…I actually began enjoying the beating of the storm because I had realized the power we have available to us.  When I came closer to the neighborhood I saw the guys that I had lent my truck to…they did use my truck but it broke down while they were using it and they had just finished repairing it and the truck worked fine after that…and that’s all I can remember!  I don’t have dreams like this very often, but I do know a couple of things…first, when I woke up I “knew” that this is a prophetic dream, secondly, the demon in the shop is somehow related to a dream I had about a year or so ago…in that dream it was night and I was standing outside a nice but unfamiliar house…all the lights were off in the house  and there was a demon howling inside the house…somebody asked me about the howling and I said, “it’s the demon that has been howling over New Mexico”!  I don’t have any ties to New Mexico and like this dream, don’t know what it means – does anybody have any insight?