Jan Mikael (8 Jan 2011)
"Re. to Steve Mullin, about: Fly Away !"


thanks for your letter Steve, about the movie King's Speech, and the word's - Flying Away, - you gave a good scriptural illustration to, from Psalm 55:4-6.v. and 90:10.v.

It reminded me of a evil night-mare I've got, the same night under US pres.Carter, when US fail-attacked Qum in Iran, and got a 'evil curse' out of it.
I was vissiting Spain and have a evil night mare, about comming of AC, and a terrible war breaking out. It was so terrible, so I cry out to Jesus to help me, and He did, Praise the Lord.
But I was in chock, (it's only a litle piece I give here) and then this totaly surprising song came over the rooms 'music broadcoast' I have forgot to switch off.

'Una Paloma Blanca' = A White Dove !

Immediatly it filled my heart with peace, I know it was Jesus who managed this out, and was confirmed when I read the lyrics. - even it's pop, - listen to the word's - it also make me feeling a Fly Away over the Mountain. - so I will try to send you a hyperlink under here, - but also that picture a friend send me, when I told about my experience.


Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael, DK.