Jan Mikael (5 Jan 2011)
"Thought's: Have We forgot the will of God: Only Listen to, Follow, and Obey Jesus Christ !!!"

Dk, 4.o1.2o11, - dear friends in Jesus Christ, - the only way to our Redeeming and Salvation !

Why are we always going wrong in our datesetting's ? is it because of: We dont listen to and obey the will of God, when He say: Jesus is the Beloved Son of Mine, listen to, obey and follow Him !!!

We often have believed more in datesetting, the last exciting new's like the wife of Lot's, than in preparing (getting OIL on our lamps and vessel's) and we risc to end with hear the word's of  Jesus: I dont know you ! - Why ? - because of we dont listen to, and obey the words from our Great God, it's in a way the same rebellion as eve and adam's in Eden, it happen ones again.

We have to wake up: Jesus is the truth, the way to eternal life: like Maria with the feet of Jesus, listen to and follow him in obey - and not like Martha running to and fro, - so help us God !

Do we believe our prayer for the safety of a secular 'modern Israel' can save us ?  it's good to pray for Israel and Jerusalem, but we have to understand: they cant even save them-self, they dont believe in Jesus Christ, and in fact they are only the house of Judah, as it was on the time of Jesus. The rest of Israel is out among the nation's. - Jesus Christ, the Chosen Lamb of God, is the real Israel, He is the Lion of Judah, who have the Key of David, and in the end He will make us one, but first our christian-time have to be finished - Peter in Act. 3: 17-21.v. - Paul in Romans 11: 25-29.v.

The messenger who come to the Temple of God, book of Malachi  3:1-7.v. - to clean and change it, -in our Christian-Time it means: the messenger is comming to our Heart's who is this Christian-times is the Spiritual Temple of God, and start to clean and prepare us, to soon meet Jesus Christ in the clouds from Heaven. read it in Paul's letter to the 1.Chorintians 3:16-18.v.

We also think that when Elijah come, as promissed in Malachi 4: 5-6.v. - we would know him immediatly, - but remember they dont know John the Baptize, when he was comming in the spirit of Elijah !!!

I believe in that Elijah very well could have been unknown working among us, for years, until his time come where the Spirit of God will fill, change and reveal Him to the world !

How can we know Elijah is here already ? - he for sure not act as any 'VIP' - FORGET ALL OF IT, remember Marias word in Luke 1. 46-55.v. - Praise the Lord, - it will all happen as simpel and plain as the Birth in Bethlehem, - only few, the Magi's following the Morning-Star from the eyes of Jesus,
the sheperds on the fields, and Anna and Simon, understand and know what realy happen in front of their eyes !

Elijah will tell us to go back to love and respect our offspring, and give honour and love to where we come from, - so dont forget your parent's who the lord used to give you birth !!! - it's a way how you honour our Great Creator. - If not, in fact you say, He was wrong in given you birth through your parent's, - is it what you blame our Great God for to do ???

But Elijah also will try to open our eyes for those who in trust of God, follow the will of His, - like our ancient Fathers in faith, - Praise the Lord !

Remember the words of Jesus in John. 5: 30-42.v. - and in John 1: 11-13.v. - look up: Jesus is close to rise, as the wonderful Morning-Star in our Heart, and change us for ever to God's Children of Light, the brethren of Jesus who follow Him in the Spirit of God, as a part of Jesus Christ for ever. -
Romans 8: 29.v

Jesus Christ have paid the price for us, - Praise the Lord, open your eyes, heart's and mind's, let Jesus take place on the throne of our Heart and mind, and rule as our King for ever, it's close to happen now !!!

In the Love from Jesus, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk,