Jan Mikael (5 Jan 2011)
"Jesus is God's One-Born Son, - and now also accepted of God, as The First Born New Human Being !"


    Dk 4.1.2o11 readers and writer's !
    our Almighty God said: this is My Beloved Son, listen to, and follow Him. remember
    Jesus was the One and Only Born Son of God, John 3:16.v. and now also accepted
    of God, as the First Born 'New Human Being' Jesus, is now True God and True Man !

    God accepted Jesus as the First born Human Being, when He was baptized by John,
    that is the plan of God's. (that He through Jesus can change us all to a New Creation,
    the Brethren of  Jesus Christ, if we listen to God and obey)

    On the Mountain with John, Peter and Jacob. and through the revelation to Paul in
    f.ex. Romans 8: 28-29.v. - the word's from God was still: Follow and obey Jesus !

    Praise and Glory for ever to our Great loving God, the Almighty, our loving Father in
    Jesus Christ our Lord and King, - John 1:12-14.v. and Hebrew 2:7-18.v.

    Jesus is the One-Born of the Great God, - and He is the First Born Man, - Halleluja
    Praise the Lord, we belong to and wait for Him to come, let's prepare with help from
    the Holy Spirit be washed clean in the Blood of God's Chosen Lamb, Jesus Christ,
    stand firm in Jesus Christ, as the Philadelphian Brothers did, - Rev. 3: 7-13.v. until
    Jesus Christ the Bright Shining Morning-Star rise's in our heart, 2. Peter 1: 17-21.v.

    In the love from Jesus, - Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael, DK.