Jan Mikael (31 Jan 2011)
"to Clay Cantrell. May the Lord bless and protect you !"


Dk, 3o.o1.2o11.

Dear brother in Jesus Christ, I understand how you feel, I have been very
ill to, for a long while, and under evil spirituel attack so strong, that I
must cling to Jesus, and cry out for help, and He answered me, Praise the

Someone wrote to me: dont frighten Jan, the evil can't do you real harm, if
you cling to Jesus, and from your heart proclaim in your pray, that you
believe in, that Jesus have Finished everything on Golgatha, and you will
let go of your own way, and cling to that fact: Jesus Christ Finished it all
on Golgatha, - so we are set free in Him, and have healing with Hi's
wound. - it realy changed a lot, when I admit that I in
my-self can do nothing, but given up my-self and open for the Finished work
from Jesus Christ, it changed a lot, and gave me peace and help.

Then I understood that the evil hate us deeply, thats the risen why he try
to disturb our faith. In a way we are dangerous to him if we stand fast, it
remind him of that his time is almost over, because we then open up for more
and new supply - deliverance from God. - I think it is meaning by Paul's
experience in Romans chpt.8. he try to share with us.

I have read that for years, but never maked that conclussion. As we all
know, God's word is living and do exactly what He have planned it to do, -
read Isaiah 55: 6-11.v. - so when we eat it, in our prayer make the word's
spoken direct to us, as healing and life-changing word's, the Holy Spirit
then can make thing's happen in our life, we wouldn't, couldn't have seen on
our own way.

Clay, brother, there is no doubt for me, you are realy loved by and precious
to Jesus, and He know exactly how to take care of you, just cling to Him,
proclaim Jesus Victory on Golgatha in your life to.

May the Lord protect you under the Blood of the chosen Lamb of God's - Jesus
Christ !

In the love from Jesus, ybic, Jan Mikael !