Jan Mikael (28 Jan 2011)
"funny and amazing thing's, - tell me are we all on drug's ?"


1. - the news just told, that Nelson Mandela was admit to a hospital
     on the night.

2. - for years I very often have been praying to God to paralyze and
     unmask the devil's plan, and unmask the world's leaders, that we
     all can see who they are, and what they try to do. And let them
     unmask them-self, - and then came wikileaks. - hmmm !

3.   this is true even it's stupid to. A man try to rob a bank in my country,
     the woman with the deposit scrank gave him the money, and ask him
     to sign for it, - oh yes, he was a 'kind polite man' so he of course signed.