Jan Mikael (24 Jan 2011)
"Upside-down, Inside-out - Let Jesus Christ/ The Holy Spirit take over now, - Jesusx is our Future if we Believe !"


Dk, 24.o1.2o11, - Readers !
When the twin-towers on 9.11.2oo1 by an attack was broken down, it was a Wake-Up-Call to us all.
The twin-towers on NY. skyline, symbolized the number 11, who stand for 'Imperfection' the attack was seen all over the world all saw 11 broke down.
the owner of the ground, 'eronical' called the empty ground - Ground ZERO.
11 stand for Imperfection, now broken down to ZERO - OOO - 'someone' plan a new beginning, let
it be our Lord Jesus Christ/the Holy Spirit who totaly take over in our life, Jesus is the only way to
a eternal future in love and peace.
Let's leave our look-like laodicea-faith (I can do it all by my-self) and let's turn back to Jesus Christ repent, and tell Him: Lord I can do nothing of real and positiv value, if you not are in it. Jesus
clean me in the blood of your's, and take totaly over in my life, that you can work through me !
Read in Isaiah 48 the whole chapter, and then go back to the word from our Great God talking about a New Beginning the way He have planned it, but never forget He always point on Jesus Christ the
beloved Son of His, as the only way, with the word's: listen to and follow Him !
Fascinating word's in Isaiah 48 v. 6-8. - well it could talk about the plan with the birth of Jesus. - But when we read the whole chapter, I'm sure it's spoken to our time. It's spoken to Israel you say: yes, but can you then tell me where I can find Israel ??? - the modern nation of Israel are in fact only the 'House of Judah' but the King's tribe (who as nation, dont believe in Jesus yet, funny that it's in Isaiah chapt 48. and the birth of the modern nation of 'Israel' was 1948)
The 'House of Israel' (ten tribes) are scattered/siftet out among the nation's not knowing their identity, but for sure a lot are christian. - we even dont know our own real identity, so what is the Lord saying to the world right now ???

Let's Prepare for something Totaly New to Happen. let's take our eyes away from our navel, and let's focus on Jesus Christ alone, He will show us the way into and through it all, - Praise and Love to our Lord Jesus Christ !
Isaiah chpt. 48:6-8.v.

(...'I have Shewed thee New Things from this time, even Hidden Things, and Thou Didst Not Know Them. They are Created Now, and not from the Beginning.
Even before the day when thou heardest them not; lest thou shouldest say, Behold, I knew them. yea, thou Heardest Not; yea, Thou Knewest Not'........)

dont say to me: you cant take few word's out, - Why ??? - when you read chapter 48, they stand all alone as a proclamation, a message who have to be released now. In fact, - Jesus did the same with Isaiah chpt.61. - and remember the word from God is a living word knowing it's time, Isaiah 55.
All Praise and Glory, Worship and Love to the Almighty God, who in Genesis 1:14-18.v. on the third day in Creation told us, the Light is good, so I will seperate it from the darkness.
The Almighty created it all in Love, and He still loves us, and longing for us let's give over to Him.
let's pray to and worship our Great Creator, Father in Jesus Christ, and understand: He have it all under control. - So dont frighten, have a blessed week, in the love from Jesus Christ,
Maranatha, - ybic, Jan Mikael !