Jan Mikael (21 Jan 2011)
"Re to Mary Adams: A seed in a piece of pie !"


Dk, 21.o1.2o11. to Mary Adams, thanks for your reminder ! 
I totaly agree with you sister, the Lord have never told us to judge or condem other. He even have warned us about it with the word's: Dont judge and condem, because of the way you judge and condem other, in the same way you will be judge !
We also have Paul's word in 1.Corintian chpt.13. where he tell's us, that without love nothing of real and eternal value can be done. - Paul end with saying: Greatest of all are Love ! - why ? because our Great Almighty God Created us, all in Love, and still love us, so let's turn back and do it He's way !
If we always look for fail with other, we handicap the christian body on Earth, forgetting it's not us who are the head, but Jesus Christ. the arrogance and pride in a laodicea-faith, work like a evil virus among us, trying to destroy all real faith on it's way !
Jesus our Lord is looking for - 'our Unity in the Holy Spirit'  - thats the risen for He's word in Rev. 3:7-13.v.
In the Love from Jesus, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !
Mary Adams (19 Jan 2011)
"A seed in a piece of pie"

Dear Doves,
Can I say something that perhaps some of you will not like at all?
It bothers me when when 5 Doves begins to be beseiged with negative letters condemning others with whom they do not agree.   I assumed 5 Doves would be a focus on the soon coming of our Lord.
While I do not agree with others on some things, yet I remember something I was taught a long time ago:
If you order a lucious piece of lemon pie  but you find an unwanted seed  left in it, do not throw the pie away. Simply remove the
seed and keep on eating. For if we were to examine  that piece of pie through an electron microscope (God's eyes) no telling what we might find in it that we missed.
So if  you find an unwanted seed in what I just wrote, just put it aside and please accept whatever I've tried to say that's good.
Maybe some of it will be God talking.