Jan Mikael (13 Jan 2011)
"Bible prophecy fulfilling: Time speeding up, as Sun's Emissions Mutate Matter !!!"

A friend send me this, read it, and make your own choice,
let our Great Almighty God take over in us, that the will of
He's, may happen through us, let's focus on Jesus alone,
The Victorious Hero from Golgatha, He is our Redeemer
and Saviour. God bless and take care of all of us, in the love
from Jesus Christ, our Lord and Love.
Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael.

Bible prophecy being fulfilled ? -- evidenced by the sun - that God would shorten the days of the Great
Tribulation period, for the sake of His elect, the Jewish people (Matt. 24:22/Mark 13:20).